Mastering Website Design: Proven Strategies for Successful Local SEO

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Breathe Deep, Designers: Local On-Page SEO Can Boost Your Rankings - Here's How

  • Local SEO is a key tool for businesses looking to boost their online visibility

  • On-page SEO is an essential component of your SEO strategy

  • NAP information – Name, Address, Phone – should be correctly formatted and prominent

  • Keywords should be related to your local area

  • Content should be high-quality, relevant to local demographic, and regularly updated

  • Meta tags, URLs and alt tags on images should be optimised

  • Using schema markup can enhance visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs)

  • Google My Business profile is an under utilised tool for local SEO

  • Gathering high-quality customer reviews can boost your online reputation and search rankings

Emerging from the soup of technical jargon that surrounds the world of web design, local SEO comes as quite the breath of fresh air. Simpler than trying to overhaul global rankings but just as critical for smaller business owners, local SEO is your golden ticket to being more visible on the internet. When combined with on-page SEO - refining the components of your website that can be edited to improve visibility - the results can be truly knock-out.

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