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It is so great to see businesses in the UK reopening their doors this week. I have been lucky enough to visit my local pub yesterday and I'm planning a trip to the play center with the kids on the weekend. Despite lockdown coming towards an end and a sense of normality returning, our way of life has changed. Now is a great time to take your business online to adapt to the new way of life and ensure you are making the most of all potential business opportunities.

Many businesses throughout the pandemic have implemented online booking systems to ensure they can open and work in line with social distancing. Whilst many businesses may have seen this as a temporary solution it appears that there have been many advances in customer satisfaction. Many customers prefer making bookings online and viewing what time options are available. This saves both yourself and the business time but is also an easier and more direct way for customers to pick the best available time slot, furthermore it can be done online at any time without the need for staff to manually manage booking records. This has been highly effective for businesses such as restaurants and bars, barbershops, hairdressers.

Future proof your business

Hopefully, things will be great going forward however there is always the chance of another wave and this may bring with it more restrictions. One thing to consider is authorities may require proof that the business is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of covid 19. You could therefore future proof your business by getting your booking system set up now, as this will ensure fewer people coming into contact with one another. This could also help keep your business stay one step ahead of other potential rival businesses.

The benefits of booking and ordering websites

Hair salons, Barbers, and other businesses with walk-in service mean that people unnecessarily come into contact when they could be in and out at specific times. Pubs and restaurants may consider using apps for ordering food and drinks. This means fewer people at the bar breaking social distancing rules and enables customers to have a more relaxed experience as there is no need for them to get out of their seats. This also puts less pressure on bar staff who can make the drinks in their own time knowing that the customer is still sat comfortably at their table.

For personal trainers now is the perfect time to get online or make improvements to your current website. Here at Outible we can help with this to ensure that you are making the most of your opportunities to gain potential new clients. It’s safe to say that throughout the lockdown many people have struggled with exercising due to the closure of gyms and other restrictions that have been in place. Whilst many have taken advantage of home workouts many people are wanting to begin working on their ‘lockdown bodies’ as we head into the summer holiday months. It is time to take advantage of how many people are feeling the urge to get back into exercise and are looking for local Personal trainers or exercise groups. This could prove a very convenient way to have new clients come across your website and enquire about your services.

We can help your business

This is not just beneficial for personal trainers but results could be achieved by many other businesses. With the necessity to wear masks in indoor public spaces such as supermarkets or shops, there are a large number of people who are still anxious about getting back out there and heading into town for the shops. Many people have turned to online shopping over recent years but this appears to have increased since the lockdowns due to shop closures. Consider partnering with web agency Liverpool, we can help you get your shop online by providing a bespoke e-commerce website. You can check out our prices on the shop page.

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