How much does a website cost in 2021

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Updated: 02 June, 2022

How much does a website cost in 2021? The simple answer is it depends. There are several types of websites and a few costs to consider. Development of a website is the initial payment, then there are ongoing costs on a monthly/yearly basis like hosting and support packages.

Website Categories

The brochure type or simple website is the most simple and low-cost website. As you could imagine there is not much functionality on these websites. They usually consist of a few web pages which show business services, information about the company, and a contact form. These websites are beneficial for companies because they legitimise the image of the business, they can generate leads via Google and other search engines, etc. I have written another article on why small businesses need a website. So, what does the development of this type of website cost? £1500 is the standard price we charge. This price includes the purchase of a domain, professional domain email addresses, and set up on google analytics 4 and tag manager.

The next type of website is one that would need regular content updates, for example, a website that has a blog (like this). So, this requires a CMS(content management system). A CMS allows the website owner to log in and create/edit content and pages for their website. This type of website costs £2500 to develop.

Next up is an E-Commerce (shop) website, so again this would need a CMS for managing content and products. These types of websites start from £5000. Usually, E-Commerce websites will allow users to register an account, purchase items with multiple payment options, view orders, access promotion/discount tools, and sometimes include a blog.

Finally, there are bespoke functionality websites. These websites would be custom built to a client's specification. Our staff has experience developing websites for gambling, insurance, travel, law, retail, etc. The reason I mention these are due to their custom functionality. For example, a gambling website's bespoke functionality could be placing bets, an insurance website might be managing insurance policies, or a law website might allow users to edit and download forms for the court. These types of websites have no set development cost because the amount of work can vary so greatly however, we do have a quote form that you can fill out.

Ongoing Costs

So as mentioned, there are ongoing costs to consider when purchasing a website. Website hosting is something all websites need. To get your website online, we need to put your website onto a server. When someone types in a website address into their browser a request is sent over the internet to a server that returns your website to them. How much does this cost? Well, we charge £15 per month. We only use the best high-availability cloud hosting services out there.

Another ongoing cost to consider is support packages. So, if you need expert help with updating content on your CMS or brochure-type websites then we can do this for you. We will help train you to use the CMS, fix any bugs, and investigate any issues with your website. This service costs just £15 per month for brochure/CMS/E-Commerce websites.


So, to conclude if you are looking to buy a brochure/CMS/E-Commerce/bespoke website with us, it would cost £1500 - £1,000,000 upfront, £15 per month/£180 per year for hosting, and an optional £15 per month/£180 per year for support.

If you are interested in getting a bespoke website developed by experts, you can fill out the quote form, or if you have any questions at all get in touch.

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