What Is Email Automation and What Can It Do for Your Business?

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When you run a company, business email automation represents a powerful tool that can make an enormous difference to your profitability. Email automation enables your business to nurture leads and drive-up sales, both from existing and potential customers. But what exactly is email automation, and how can it help your business goals?

Here, we take a closer look at this marketing tool.

Business Email Automation – An Overview

Email automation represents a way of creating emails that can reach your target audience with your desired message at the optimal moment in a streamlined and convenient way that involves minimal effort from yourself or your marketing team. Automated messages are sent out on your brand’s behalf without any need to take manual action.

By linking email marketing platforms with website analytics, it’s possible to target specific audiences based on their preferences, previous purchases, and buying behaviour, and to personalise each one’s experience to make your automated marketing campaigns even more relevant.

What Sort of Automated Emails Can My Business Send?

There are many different kinds of automated messages that your company can send to drive meaningful results. Some examples include:

  • A series of welcome emails to assist new customers with using your services or products.

  • A series of nurture emails that assist new customers through the next stage of their sales funnel.

  • Emails for anniversaries or birthdays to boost customer loyalty.

  • Verification emails that ensure a new user is legitimate.

These are just some of the automated business emails you can send out.

Why Does Business Email Automation Work?

Marketing emails and transactional emails are both key tools that your business uses to give customers promotional messages and operational updates. Automated emails are a third kind of email that adds impressive value and that complements your current email campaigns.

Sometimes known as behaviour-driven emails or triggered emails, automated emails are any kind of message that is sent automatically from your company’s ESP (email service provider) in a direct response to the specific actions that an individual user makes (or doesn’t make) on your web app or site. Web Design Liverpool

Traditional marketing emails are vital for sending out announcements to a broad spectrum of customers, for example, newsletters or promotions, however, they fail to offer a one-to-one communication style that modern customers prefer and expect. Transaction emails also give consumers value since they give them essential information such as password resets or receipts. However, due to guidelines and rules, those emails are unable to contain any significant promotional content.

Email automation gives the benefits of both marketing and transactional emails since it enables your business to follow up automatically with individual consumers, just like transactional emails, while also allowing you to benefit from the same messaging opportunities you can obtain from marketing emails. Automated emails bridge the gap between marketing and transactional emails, providing an efficient and scalable way to send highly targeted messages that are both user-specific and responsive.

Automated emails offer the benefit of being both relevant and engaging. When users receive automated emails, it is because they have performed an action that triggered a specific workflow. That means the message that they receive will be extremely relevant, and they have a better chance of opening and engaging with it.

Automated emails are also designed to boost the user’s engagement with your website or app, whether that means teaching a new customer how your product should be used, asking for feedback from users, or giving customers incentives to return. Furthermore, automated emails are a communication channel that is highly personal, meaning that you can strengthen your brand’s connection with its customers.

Personalising Customer Experiences

One of the top benefits that business email automation can bring your brand is the ability to personalise the experiences you give your customers. Evidence shows that consumers find personalised content appealing, with 91% expressing a preference for businesses that give them individualised offers and recommendations.

Business email automation allows companies to create sets of automated emails that can grow their relationships with their customers while boosting marketing efficiency through the entire sales funnel.

Maximising Marketing Team Resources

Email automation has the power to change how you do business, increasing your employees’ productivity exponentially. Marketing team members can spend less time on scheduling messages and compiling email lists manually and, instead, use this valuable time to concentrate on key tasks like building customer relationships.

Improving Customer Retention

It’s clear that selling to existing customers is more cost-effective than trying to convert new ones, and email automation allows your brand to stay in contact with existing customers in an effective and streamlined way. Messages can be scheduled to ensure customers hear from you on a regular basis, while also ensuring the copy has maximum relevance.

Making Marketing Strategies Scalable

If you send email series out manually, your staff size will limit how many customers you’re able to reach. That means if your business expands it becomes harder to remain on schedule. Sending automated emails allows you to scale up your marketing efforts effectively. Setting the business email automation platform up to send a message each time somebody registers for the mailing list means that a staff member doesn’t need to send it manually.

Customers can integrate automatically into the system from the moment they perform a tracked action, and their behaviour lets the system know which messages they should receive next with no extra demands on limited marketing and staffing resources.

Building Effective Customer Relationships

With email automation, you can effectively find an audience while engaging customers. Unlike a manual campaign, email automation runs in the background, allowing you to tackle other key tasks.

Automation also allows personalised emails to be sent to every individual, whether they are a repeat buyer or new visitor, and if email automation is combined with analytics, it’s possible to refine the targeting every time a message is sent. As a result, you can grow your business with no need to compromise on your personal touch.

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