Why we built an online website quote form

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It seems strange to me how digital agencies, who should be leaders of automation, still do business the old fashioned way. I found a lot of other agencies send out a PDF's, MS Word document's, emails or make phone calls to gather requirements for a project.

When a potential client fills out these forms there is a back and forth communication until all the relevant information is obtained. This can be frustrating for the client especially if they are not tech savvy or do not have much free time.

As a start up company, we don't want to follow the crowd. We are going to do things our own pragmatic way. So we decided to create the best website quote form and make it accessible on our web site. We gather all the relevant information in one form. The clients can upload their logos, images and documents at the same time.

We built the website quote form so it's dynamic, it hides/shows additional questions depending upon previous answers. This allows our form to be shorter and more efficient than the other methods of gathering requirements.

One of the plans for the not so distant future is to develop similar types of forms for each of our services, and then to add the code needed to calculate an instant quote. Once we have achieved these goals we could then integrate a payment system to make the process even more streamlined.

You can checkout our form by clicking here . If you need help with any complicated dynamic forms get in touch using any of our socials or our contact form